About the Class


Welcome! I'm more than excited to be teaching PHYSICS, and I look forward to our year together. I can promise you two things:

  • You're going to learn a lot of physics.
  • And I'll do my best to make it fun.

​Because physics can be fun. It should be fun. (But that doesn't mean it should be easy!)


Based on scientific research and my own observations, I feel that lecture is among the least effective means of teaching. And, for you, it's among the least effective means of learning. For this reason, I will attempt to structure the class so that you acquire information through your own active exploration, guided by me. Physics is not something to be memorized, like anatomy. Physics is something that you do. Be open to the process. You may be amazed at just how much you learn!


What you need to bring to class:

  • a 3-ring binder to hold handouts, with paper for taking notes
  • pens and pencils
  • a laptop (all Vandegrift students should have access to a school-issued laptop; if you use a personal laptop instead, it shouldn't be an issue, but you may have occasional software issues to sort out)
  • a graphing calculator (recommended but not required; personally, I use a TI-83)

My Schedule (2021-2022):


1st - AP Physics 1

2nd - IB Physics SL/HL - Year 1

3rd  - AP Physics 1

4th - conference


5th - conference

6th - IB Physics SL/HL - Year 2

7th - AP Physics 1

8th - AP Physics 1




There's a schedule posted outside my door. It will be kept up-to-date. As I type this, I am available Monday and Thursday afternoons and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during PIT. I'm often available in the mornings. If in doubt, or if you want to double-check a time, just email me.