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IB Physics SL (One Year) (2018-2019)

Unit One-Page Overviews

1.1 Measurements in physics

1.2 Uncertainties and errors

1.3 Vectors and scalars

2.1 Motion

2.2 Forces



  • An introduction to the mathematical modeling of simple motion, including the concepts of average speed and Cartesian coordinates for recording direction
  • Homework - Read (and solve all problems in) Chapter 1 of Perrone's book


  • Practice vector arithmetic HERE
  • Explore the geometric representation of a vector HERE and HERE
    • ​Install                                                                   on your computer, first.


  • Define acceleration.
  • Homework - Read Chapter 2 up to page 32


  • Graph the motion of a toy car; draw and interpret various position and velocity graphs; data file
  • Homework - in your Oxford IB Physics book, read pages 18-21 and 27-36 (include the Worked Examples)


  • Quiz
  • Analyze accelerated motion data in a spreadsheet
  • Homework - read pp. 36-38 in the Oxford book (and pp.32-33 in my book)


  • Derive the kinematic equations
  • Graph the accelerated motion in the spreadsheet above; interpret the trendlines
  • Practice interpreting trendlines and using the extracted (velocity and acceleration) information to interpolate and extrapolate (file 1, file 2)
  • Homework - complete Interpolations and Extrapolations; also complete Kinematics Problems (partial key)


  • Model the falling of an object; find the rate of acceleration of gravity on Earth
  • Homework - read Section 1.2 in your Oxford book; install Logger Pro













  • Complete free fall data collection and graph the data
  • Homework - type up the Exploration section of the lab


  • Linearize data (spreadsheet)
  • Complete the free fall lab
  • Homework - add the max and min gradients to the graph; the finished lab is due Friday the 14th at midnight; submit it using


  • Analyze the motion of a tossed ball using a motion detector and Logger Pro (instructions)
  • Homework - 


  • test over material to date; submit lab using
  • Homework - read pp. 39-43 in the Oxford book and sections 3.2.1, 3.2.3, 3.3.4 and 4.5 (no practice problems) in my book (Chps 3-4) (read for comprehension)


  • Discuss relative motion and its relevance to projectile motion
  • Model projectile motion


  • Study (1D) free fall in more detail here
  • upcoming quiz on Wednesday, 9/26
Lab Report Format

finding the minimum and maximum gradients

with Logger Pro

Practice matching motion to graphs with this interactive.