I typically will write a letter of recommendation for students that were engaged in class, had a good attitude, and maintained an A or high-B class average.


If you meet these criteria, you may request a letter of recommendation. You should ask early.

Give me at least two weeks, if not more, to write the letter. It can sometimes take me a month to write a letter, if I have a lot to write before getting to yours.


If I am able to write a letter for you, I will expect you to provide:

  • the type of letter you need, e.g. a recommendation for college admission, a scholarship, or a summer camp position
  • the Teacher Recommendation Request form available through Naviance, which specifies the schools to which you are applying and asks you to highlight things you'd like for me to include in the letter
  • a short essay describing yourself and your future goals​
  • your resume (optional)

​I will send the letter directly to the university or scholarship board, etc. Typically, you must submit my name and email address directly to the university, or to Common App, and I will receive an email explaining how I can submit your letter. Occasionally, a school will want me to mail a letter. In such cases, you will need to provide me with an addressed and stamped envelope. I will put my letter in the envelope and mail it. Please do not request a copy of the letter.