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Pre-AP Physics (2018-2019)




-Introduction to class; introduction to science as finding "the rules of the game"




-Constant velocity lab

-Constant velocity worksheet

-Homework: Make sure Logger Pro is installed on your laptop (Instructions for BYOT devices);

complete constant velocity worksheet




-notes on constant velocity

-Graph Match lab




-Graph practice




-Quiz on constant velocity motion, including the interpretation of position and velocity graphs

-Collision lab; an introduction to momentum and impulse




-notes and practice problems on momentum conservation

-Homework: finish any remaining momentum problems on the half-sheet (key); install Logger Pro on your laptop




-momentum conservation lab - (here's an example of how to set up your data table)

*the data table can look different, but it needs to hold the same information

-introduction of constant velocity / momentum project

-extra practice problems (if you want more practice before the quiz)

-Homework - complete the momentum conservation lab; you'll turn it in; also video an object moving

with constant velocity and bring the video to class (3 or 4 seconds is good)




-Quiz on momentum and impulse

-work on project (updated with info on Part 2)




-work on project

-review for test (key)

-Homework - complete the test review and project




-Unit Test

-the project is due through by the start of class




-begin Unit 2: Forces, Inertia, and Acceleration

-identify the cause of an impulse; differentiate between a "good" impulse and a "bad" impulse (from the perspective of a crash participant!)

-Homework - complete the handout of "Ranking Task Exercises"




-relate conservation of momentum to Newton's 3rd Law (click on the photo below)

-discover the various types of forces that operate in our world (follow this guide and answer questions in your class notebook; you'll need a computer)










-represent the force(s) on an object with a "free-body" diagram; use a free-body diagram and Ft=m∆v to solve for the ∆v of an object

-discuss Newton's 1st Law (of Motion) and the concept of inertia

-Homework - complete all handouts; review for the quiz (handout #3)




-quiz over Ft=m∆v, momentum conservation, Newton's 1st and 3rd Laws, and free-body diagrams

-practice creating free-body diagrams

Video Analysis with Logger Pro


Don't change the frame rate in Logger Pro. Ignore that one part of the video!
Newton's Third Law
This photo was taken by me from a rare 1729 edition of Isaac Newton's famous The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. This was the first edition of the book to be printed in English, based on a translation by Andrew Motte. Newton first published the book in 1687, in Latin. He died in 1727, just before the English translation was released.
Force and Position Graphs
Illustrating an impulse.
Gain confidence in "reading" position, velocity and acceleration graphs using this interactive tool.